Services and Procedures available at Ridge Referrals

Services and Procedures available at Ridge Referrals

Services supplied/ operations performed

Cruciate ligament failure

  • Stifle arthroscopy *
  • Tightrope, Mini Tightrope and Micro Tightrope stabilisation*
  • TPLO and internally braced TPLO *


Elbow dysplasia

  • CT assessment
  • Elbow arthroscopy *
  • Arthroscopic OCD flap removal
  • Canine Uni Compartmental Elbow resurfacing *
  • SynACART OCD resurfacing *
  • Bi Oblique, proximal ulna osteotomy
  • Anconeal process reattachment


Humeral Intracondylar Fissures and IOHC

  • Gold standard CT assessment
  • Custom guided 5mm screw stabilisation


Patella luxation

  • CT assessment and stifle arthroscopy *
  • Sulcoplasty and tibial crest transposition
  • Distal Femoral Osteotomy (custom guided)
  • Patella Groove Replacement


Limb deformity

  • CT assessment and examination
  • Antebrachial correction with custom guides and internal fixation
  • Femoral and tibial correction with custom guides and internal fixation



  • CT assessment
  • Arthroscopic flap debridement and assessment *
  • SynACART resurfacing for elbow, shoulder and stifle lesions *
  • Allograft resurfacing for large talar lesions *



  • Arthrex Autologous Conditioned Plasma *
  • Stem cell therapies
  • Meniscal allograft transplant


Shoulder injury

  • Diagnostic ultrasound, CT and arthroscopic assessment
  • Arthroscopic biceps tenotomy and medial and lateral GH ligament augmentation *
  • Arthroscopic OCD flap removal *


Joint salvage

  • Partial and pan tarsal arthrodesis
  • Partial and pan carpal arthrodesis
  • Custom shoulder arthrodesis
  • Selected glenoid excision arthroplasty
  • Femoral head and neck excision arthroplasty
  • Stifle and elbow arthrodesis
  • CUE * and PGR


Musculo-skeletal neoplasia

  • CT assessment including staging
  • Limb amputation including forequarter amputation
  • Selected endoprosthesis limb salvage with custom implants


Fracture management

  • Internal fixation with standard LCP implants (2.0, 2.4, 2.7, 3.5mm)
  • Internal fixation with PAXs mini locking implants (1.5, 2.0, 2.4mm)
  • Internal fixation with SOP implants (2.0, 2.7, 3.5mm)
  • Pin and wire
  • External fixation with linear fixator, ring fixators and hybrid (mini, medium and large)
  • MIPO repair techniques where appropriate


Joint luxation

  • Hip luxation
    • Tightrope repair for medium and large dogs *
    • Iliofemoral suture repair for cat and small dogs
  • Shoulder luxation
    • Arthroscopically guided Tightrope repair *
  • Stifle disruption
    • Internally braced TPLO and collateral ligament repair*
  • Elbow, carpal and tarsal luxation
    • Fastak, Pushlock, Swivelock anatomic ligament reconstruction *


Assorted Specific procedures

  • Achilles ligament reconstruction using Speedwhip technique *
  • Meniscal allograft replacement
  • Arthrex allograft harvest and implantation techniques *
  • Custom antebrachial correction and stabilisation with custom implants


* indicates those procedures in which we are recognised by Arthrex as a European Consultant and hence demonstrate particular expertise in.